Do Your Part to Protect Hutchins Lake

"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”

John James Audubon

Lake Friendly Landscaping

The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership states that natural vegetation helps keep a lake healthy by protecting the shoreline from erosion, providing homes, food, and refuge for fish and wildlife, and filtering pollutants from runoff.  Learn more about lake friendly landscaping tips that add beauty to your property and protect the health of Hutchins Lake.

Do Your Part. Be SepticSmart!

Keeping your septic system in good working order is one of the best things you can do to help maintain the quality of our lake water.  Learn what you can do to protect Hutchins Lake and your family’s health by properly using and maintaining your septic system including; what not to put down the drain, what not to flush down the toilet, using water efficiently, regularly testing your well water, shielding your septic field, regularly inspecting your septic system, and regularly pumping your septic tanks. 

Wake Boat Best Practices

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) conducted an in-depth study that concluded that operating wake boats in a manner that creates large waves can lead to loss of habitat, resulting in the decline of aquatic ecosystems and angling opportunity.

The MDNR concluded that these concerns can be mitigated by following these voluntary wake boat best practices:

  1. Operate at least 500 feet from docks or the shoreline, regardless of water depth when operating in wake-surfing or wake-boarding modes during which boat speed, wave shapers, and/or ballast are used to increase wave height

  2. Operate in water at least 15 feet deep when operating in wake-surfing or wake-boarding modes

  3. Completely drain ballast tanks prior to transporting the watercraft over land

Please read the full MDNR Fisheries Division Report 37 to learn more about the effects of wake boats on aquatic habitat and what you can do to protect our lakes and streams for future generations.

Get Your Permits

Outdoor Burning

Adding or Removing Soil to or from the Lake

Docks, Seawalls, & Shoreline Projects
MiEnviro Portal

All Building/Construction

Observe No Wake Zones  

In order to protect its fragile shoreline, the channel is a wake-free zone. Buoys by the public boat ramp mark the no wake zone for safety and to protect the shoreline.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Explore More Conservation Resources

Explore 3rd party conservation, ecology, and government organizations to protect and preserve the Hutchins Lake ecosystem.

Photo by Mark Bugnaski Photography

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